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    • Paint It All Painters 2000 Ltd

      Residential Painting

      We pride ourselves in having a friendly and well presented team to carry out work in your home in order to give you and your neighbours’ peace of mind that your home is in good hands. This is one aspect of the painting & decorating industry that we have worked hard to achieve mainly through word of mouth.

      Our staffs are qualified in all aspects of residential painting such as:

      • House & roof washing including moss & algae treatments and prevention
      • Roof restorations of all types
      • Interior & Exterior painting – brush, roll & spray applications
      • Wallpapering
      • Textured Ceiling removal & restoration
      • Plastering
      • Garage Floor Coating
      • Using Low odour & Low VOC Paints, Environmental Cleaners

      Free written Quotes and Colour consultancy services are provided by Blair Child – Owner/Director of Paint It All Painters just to give that personal touch!


    • Paint It All Painters 2000 Ltd


      Paint It All Painters take great pride in carrying out our commercial projects whilst your business and customers continue on as if nothing is happening around you. We are well aware that your business needs to make money in order to spend money, so we work alongside you to ensure that this is achieved.

      All staffs are extensively trained in all materials and the application of these materials as the market continually updates. All our staffs follows a strict Health & Safety Programme to ensure both our staffs and your staffs go home at the end of each day. Most of our staffs are Height Works And Fall Arrest Certified for the jobs that some won’t do.

      Paint It All Painters offer a wide range of services to our Commercial Clients such as:

      • Full Building restorations both Interior & Exterior
      • Shop fit outs
      • Roof & Gutter Cleaning
      • Roof Re-Coats – all types
      • Purging Stains, smells & Unwanted liquids out of concrete
      • Floor Coatings
      • Tilt Slab Sealing
      • Rust treatment & Prevention
      • Use of Low Odour and Low VOC Paints, Environmental Cleaners


    • Paint It All Painters 2000 Ltd

      Roof Restorations

      The Roof is the crown of the House and sometimes it is neglected, as in most cases – out of sight, out of mind! A sound coating to your roof ensures the protection of your family and your possessions.

      Here at Paint It All Painters we can assure you that your roof will protect you for years to come, using highly experienced staffs and top quality roof coatings for all roofing aspects including Concrete Tiles, Corrugated Iron/Long Run, and Dichromatic.

      Paint It All Painters 2000 Ltd also provides:

      • Full Roof & Gutter cleaning service
      • Moss & Lichen treatments
      • Soft Wash & Water blasting work
      • Rust Treatments
      • Spray & Walk Away Treatment - for those Low Maintenance roofs

      All of our Roofing Team members have carried out Height Works and Fall Arrest Courses to ensure a Safe working environment

      Paint It All has great pride in using environmentally friendly cleaning products


    • Paint It All Painters 2000 Ltd

      Wallpaper Hanging

      The team at Paint It All Painters has over 40 years experience in the paper hanging industry. We have worked with all New Zealand suppliers of wall coverings such as: Swinsons, Resene, Dulux and Vision, hanging vinyl, paper backed to foils and woven bamboo. We also provide a service to strip your old paper and plaster your walls if required.


    • Paint It All Painters 2000 Ltd

      Removal, Prevention & Restoration

      It is important to have Graffiti removed immediately as it grows like a virus, so here at Paint It All Painters 2000 Ltd we provide a 24 hour call out service to remove all unwanted Graffiti from almost any surface such as Painted and Unpainted surfaces, brick, metal and concrete to name just a few.

      We also provide a re-paint option as sometimes the damage of Graffiti and the removal of Graffiti can leave a surface looking worse for wear! Since we are professional Painters we can offer you a perfect colour match for all surfaces and paints.

      Paint It All Painters offers a range of protective systems for most surfaces to eliminate future damage from Graffiti and ease the cleaning process.


      Textured Ceilings

    • Paint It All Painters 2000 Ltd

      Removal & Restoration

      Transform your old dirty looking textured ceiling with Paint It All - We remove all types of texture from ceilings in accordance to OSH safety codes, with a guarantee of no mess left behind.

      We also provide a Plaster and Paint finish to complete the total transformation of your ceiling.